New miners arrive in Coal Valley to help with the final stages of reopening the mine and the town decides to celebrate with a dance at the end of the week. One of the new miners, BILLY HAMILTON has taken a special interest in Elizabeth and she is flattered by the attention. Meanwhile, pregnant widow CARLA NOONAN has moved in with Abigail and Elizabeth so the women can keep an eye on her for the remainder of her pregnancy.
As Elizabeth and Billy’s relationship develops, Jack becomes suspicious of Billy’s motives for pursuing Elizabeth so persistently.

New miner, DEWITT GRAVES, takes a special interest in MARY DUNBAR, the mother of one of Elizabeth’s students. CALEB DUNBAR is irked by this man hanging around his mother and seeks help from Elizabeth. Later, Elizabeth attends the dance with Billy and Mary accompanies DeWitt. Caleb crashes the dance wearing his deceased father’s suit in an attempt to win back his mother’s attention, Mary is deeply moved and promises to
be more aware of Caleb’s feelings. After the dance, Carla goes into a false labor while Abigail tends to her. Jack tries to warn Elizabeth that Billy is not who he says he is after receiving a telegram from Billy’s former employer. Elizabeth does not want to hear what Jack has to say and storms off. The next day, Elizabeth and Billy go on a date.

After Caleb’s gesture at the dance, DeWitt and Mary have slowed down their courtship while DeWitt tries to get to know Caleb. He uses the annual “Miner’s Games” as an opportunity to interact with Caleb, but it backfires when he and Caleb fail to win the egg toss. During the games, Billy and Jack compete for Elizabeth’s affections. After the games, DeWitt stops trying to win Caleb’s approval and instead opts for an honest conversation, which ends with Caleb inviting DeWitt over for dinner. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Billy are chatting after the games when Billy mentions Elizabeth’s sisters, sisters that she never told Billy about, and her suspicion arises. Elizabeth goes to Jack to talk about Billy’s slip up and that night they catch Billy attempting to skip town. Carla
gives birth to twins that night.